Your Faisalabadi
Shopping Agent

I'm your personal outdoor agent, who goes 
outside and get your work done.

What Can I Do For You?


Multiple Stores Visit

No more 'Out of stocks' and 'missing items' happen. I'll collect everything you need even if it requires to visit multiple store.

Shopping in Bulk
Bulk Shopping

Don’t worry about your weekly or monthly shopping list or items in bulk. Just allow me to do it for you, with love.

Return or Replacement
Return or Replacement

Not satisfied with the current purchase? Whatever you want to return or replace something you bought, I’ll handle it.

Pick & Drop / Deliver
Pick & Drop / Deliver

Whether it’s about finding your medicine, heavy food, gift, Eidi, ration or even a guest from the airport, I’ll do it.

Quality Check
Quality Check

When I’ll buy something for you I’ll make sure it’s the best item, fresh, not expired, broken, perfect, or not compromised in quality.

Fix or Repair
Fix or Repair

Either a laptop, mobile, or a damaged home appliance item that needs to repair, I’ll take it repair it, and return it to you.

Medical Services

Can't find your required medicine online, on apps and in some medical stores in your area? I'll find it and deliver it to you.

Online Shop Help
Online Shopping

Want to buy something you like online & don't know how? I'll do it even if it's from a local online store or international.


Price may vary depends on number of items, size, weight, visits, time and distance.

Rs. 1700

1000 Rs. discount on first order

Order Requirements
  • Order amount starts from 10,000 Rs.
  • Order must be within Faisalabad
  • Advance payment required
  • Clear instructions
  • Correct delivery address
  • Active contact number

The Benefits

It's not a traditional delivery service, it's a personalized service having lots of benefits.

  • Multiple Stores
  • No Out-of-Stock
  • Quality Check
  • Purchase Verification
  • Live Tracking
  • Experience Share
  • No Queues
  • Save Time
  • No Delivery Issues
  • No Quality Issues
  • No Extra Spending
  • No Traffic Issues
  • No System Glitches
  • No Parking Issues
  • No Weather Issues
  • No Crowds

Services Coverage

The service areas (not limited) I cover for shopping or outside work.
  • Rex-City
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Institutes
  • Super-Stores
  • Malls
  • Offices
  • Markets
  • Repairing Centers
  • Labs
  • Courts
  • Medical Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Factories

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a completely personal and private service. We all know, that we can call uber or careem or any ride-hailing service in Faisalabad for pick and drop and delivery services but it's not a solution for all cases.

  • They don't do bulk shopping for you.
  • They don't visit or buy from multiple stores for you.
  • They don't stay in the market for multiple hours for you.
  • They don't negotiate or check the item quality they buy for you.
  • They don't send you photos, videos, and live updates about the shopping experience.
  • You'll face issues like peak factors, trust issues, and captains not available.
  • They don't provide personalized services.

Such things don't happen. So, I’m here for you.

Today, while shopping online, we all face issues like Out of Stock, Store closed, Items not available, pick up only, Delivery not supported in your area, quality issues, and System down issues. Then you’ll need a shopping agent like me who can go outside for you.

Relax at your home or office, Don’t worry about your weekly shopping list, or outside work, allow me to do it for you, with love.

You can verify your purchase from the receipts we receive from shops and the contact numbers of shop owners or given persons.
Bank Transfer, JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Cash-in-Hand
The same day, mostly within hours.
If you have damaged items at home that need to be repaired or fixed, I’ll take them to the workshop, follow up on progress and bring them back to your home once fixed.
Sure, I’ll buy mostly anything online for you, whether it’s a digital product or physical and either it’s from a local online store or international.